At the grocery store
Woman: *on cellphone* Why am I leaving you? Why am I--I'll tell you why.
Woman: Here's why. You don't respect me.
Woman: You called me a whore in front of my children.
Me: *says nothing, but has a face like O.O*
Woman: You don't respect me. And you know, there some white chick here in the store, she walking, she heard me say that and she make a face.
Woman: Because even she know you a piece of shit.




Holy shit

I can’t even begin to describe the brilliance of this segment. 



i’m screaming. she’s fucking awesome. anyone know where this can be found as an actual video?


On Thursday, our school principal made an announcement about the dress code, and every rule and suggestion was directed at the girls. There was one half-assed comment where he tacked on the word boys at the end but I highly doubt any of the guys at my school will wear strapless shirts so there wasn’t a point. On Friday morning, everybody came to school and these posters were stuck on the walls and windows throughout the entire campus. The best part of it all is that the student body’s response to this protest has been totally positive. Go whoever this is. You rock, and I want to help with your next endeavor.


I am just so happy




Car Feature Guide for Terrible Drivers [x]



Watch the exclusive full lecture here.


treat the problem not the end result



So a while back in Adelaide we had a bunch of preachers who’d go and set up and preach really loudly to crowds at bus stops

Then we had this guy

Oh my god that’s what we should do when the preachers come by and tell everyone they’re going to hell!!!!

Thank you tumblr!!!


Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing